New vat compliance

Absolutely love this desktop accounting but can I do the VAT direct to HMRC for the new compliance please?

Search the forum before asking. There is an ongoing discussion of this topic.

Thank you first time on I should have known better

I think I must have read the wrong thread as I do not seem to be able to find an answer

Search for “making tax digital.” There are many relevant threads.

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I read through the threads but I cannot find anything which says for definite that Manager will comply with the April VAT return. I know I may be looking a bit stupid
but I need to find an answer before I get further into Manager. It has taken me years to find such a good system and I love it but the bookkeeper has asked me to hold fire putting invoices through until I am certain everything will be ok. If not I will still use the system for quotes.

Suitability for MTD in the UK is similar to the upcoming Australian payroll issue. There has not been specific information, but deadlines are looming and a generic solution has been mentioned. But I don’t have schedules, as I am not the developer.

You won’t find an estimating module because there isn’t one.

Many thanks Tut.

What would it estimate and how? Actual estimating software is specific to industries. Anything else is just a quote, and Manager already does that.

For example, construction estimating software has the ability to input dimensions, materials, and so forth and predict the cost of building something. Electronics estimating software allows input of number of circuit boards, component technologies, yield factors, etc., and estimates fabrication costs. That’s well beyond the scope of general purpose accounting software.

sorry I have posted incorrectly on the wrong topic

It is possible to change the title (heading) on a Sales Quote from “Quote” to “Estimate” by selecting Custom Title in the create Sales Quote screen. This can be set as a default by going to settings->Form defaults. Far easier than editing each PDF.

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Manager does not give options for titles of sales quotes. It allows you to enter anything you want. Read

thank you so much TUT
The only thing I really need is for this to be VAT compliant and then it is HAPPY DAYS…I have my fingers crossed.
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To add a quote expiration date, use a custom field. Read the Guide about them.

To learn about VAT, read the Guide about tax codes.

Hello Silverlea. I have been using Manager for some time and also believe that it is a brilliant piece of software. Because I am also based in the United Kingdom and VAT registered I needed an accounting system for my business and the bookkeeping services I offer.

Sadly, Manager is not compliant with the “Make Tax Digital” changes at HMRC as from April 2019. I have had to start moving away from Manager.

We will still offer it to our clients who are not VAT registered. However, HMRC has already stated that from 2020 we will have to use the same digital system for company tax returns.

If I can be of any help please contact me.

@UniqueAccounting, if you search the forum you will find mention of intermediate software which allows the “connection” of Manager to the MTD. The intermediate software acts as a front end to the MTD.

Hello Bruccana,

Thank you for your reply. not sure what MTD is

MTD = Make Tax Digital