Difficulty with Batch Delete

I was just trying to use Batch Delete and an internal error window popped up, telling me to report the bug to you. Being as cautious I am I thought it better to check this is legit!

Yes, it is legitimate. So let me say two things:

  1. Batch Delete is an irreversible, brute force tool. Where are you trying to use it, and for what?

  2. Can you show a screen shot of the error window? We cannot help resolve any problem without seeing that information.

We also need to know your operating system, Manager version number, and edition (desktop, server, or cloud).

Ok, thanks! I’m using OSX 10.11.6 and Manager 17.9.17 – desktop and here’s the screenshot attached.

I’ve read the brute force warnings but this is a ‘subfile’ of the business to keep track of a set of finances and I imported too much data. If it all went wrong, I could easily start this one again.



First try updating your software. You are more than 100 versions behind.

If the problem persists, describe exactly what triggered it and send the error message to the address listed.

Thanks Tut.

Which software Manager or OSX? My laptop is too old to update OSX.



I meant to update Manager. But if you can run macOS 10.11 you should be able to run 10.12 I think.

Thanks for that!

Thank you. It’s all fixed!