Differences in tax amounts

Dear Tut.
I have one question please clarify.
I am using manager program for generating Tax Invoices as per the FTA format.
Need below mentioned clarification.

Why there is difference in Tax Amount between (Amount inclusive of Tax) and (Amount not inclusive of tax)

For example
5% Vat on amount 480/= is showing vat amount 24/=
But after using option (Inclusive of vat) total 5% vat of 480/= is showing amount 22.86/=
so why there is difference in bot vat amount because we are charging same 5% vat on amount 480/=

Please clarify this calculation formula used by Manager
Thank you

this calculation by Manager is right and complied on FTA rules in united arab emirates

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For the answer to your question, read this Guide: https://www.manager.io/guides/9502.