Dialogue box bug on Linux

hallo every one, im new user , when im trying to delet or edit , the dialogue box ( option yes or no ) show up like screenshoot below. . . its a bug or ?

That is not how it should appear. What version number of Manager are you using? What operating system and version?

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hai tut, thanks for respon,
im using linux mint 20.1
manager 21.2.24

actually i dont know how to check the version of manager, i just see the support menu and i see at the bottom of that page the number β€œ21.2.24”

This also occurs in desktop v21.2.30 in Ubuntu Mate 20.04.1. Desktop AMD64. The words Cancel and OK seem to change their position after each time Delete is clicked.

E.g. after first clicking the Delete button in a Sales invoice edit window:

A second time in an Expense claim edit window:

A third time in a Customer edit window:

A fourth time in a Purchase invoice edit window:

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yeah actually ive got kind of problem :sweat_smile:

Well, at least you know that the left button is Cancel and the right button is OK. :wink:

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I put this into the bugs category and edited the subject.

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Fixed in the latest version (21.4.27)

Thanks for fixing this Lubos! It’s fixed for me on Linux.

I really appreciate you having a properly cross platform product, that is super important for us.