Description : Purchase Invoice Item vs Inventory Item

When adding a Purchase Invoice Item (PII) to a Purchase Order (PO), the description on the PO is automatically filled in with the description of the PII, but when you then select the Inventory Item (II) this should go to, then the description on the PO is overwritten with the description of the II.

I believe the description on the PO should default to and remain as the description of the PII, since that is what will get sent to the supplier, and what the supplier uses and expects to see.

This is not an issue when the description of the PII is the same as the description on the II, but when they are different then it becomes a problem.

I may be misreading your observation but…

When purchasing an Inventory Items you use the II. You put the II on the PO and on the purchase invoice. Purchasing Item are not involved.

A Purchasing Item is used as an ‘alias’ when purchasing a NON-INVENOTRY item, to hit the correct expense account etc. and default a description. e.g. If I am purchasing a service or perhaps some office supplies that I expense and do not resell or need to track on-hand quantity…

Hope that helps. You do not have to use both to but one thing!

I understand that that is the way Manager intended to use Purchase Invoice Items, but I was trying to find a way to solve the problem I had in my other topic : Duplicate Supplier Item Code

Using Purchase Invoice Items and link them with an Inventory Item would be a workaround that I could live with, if it were not for this problem with the wrong description being used.

Even so, given that Purchase Invoice Items are not intended to be linked with Inventory Items, there would be no harm done to NOT overwrite the description when someone does use it this way, right ? Can’t be that hard to add a s a feature…

The problem with such a request is not that it is necessarily hard to implement, but that it accommodates a special use contrary to the underlying intent of the program. With an application that is being improved as rapidly as Manager, this potentially creates future problems for things that may be developed later.

I’ve seen references to other upcoming features that would address your desire in better ways.

I thought the scenario I am trying to solve would be quite a common one…

So, I’ll keep looking our for a better solution. Meanwhile, I will have to do my purchase orders outside of Manager. I cannot run the danger of sending the wrong codes and descriptions to the wrong supplier. It could create a headache for both the supplier and me.