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When you create a new payment (in/out) from an invoice, the description is not automaticly fill in… this should be. Now you need to fill in manual. Is someone able to create this automatic feature in the software (update)?

what description are you referring to?
please post screenshots to help understand better.

Hello Sharpdrivetek. I upload three JPG files. In the last file “new payment” all paramaters of the invoice ar filled in the box. But description (beschrijving) is empty. In the invoice the description (beschrijving) is filled in with “Toyota heftruck”.
It would be convienient when this description is automaticly (like all other parameters) filled in.

I hope you understand now :slight_smile:
Thank you

This is because filling in the top-level description would not make sense in most cases. For example, you might enter a purchase invoice with a Description field “ACME Company Sales Invoice 1234,” and 5 line items. Or you might summarize the purchase invoice as “General cleaning supplies.” When you record your payment of that purchase invoice, a description of your payment would not be the same. Instead, your payment is for a payable on the supplier’s subaccount in Accounts payable.

You also would not want to pick the description for one of the 5 line items. Which should be chosen? The program automatically fills the description for the line item on the payment form with the name of the supplier and the purchase invoice number. That is sufficient identification for accounting purposes. If you want to summarize the payment in an additional way, you can edit the payment to add your own description. But the program cannot guess what that should be.

Hello Tut,

I understand your explain.

But the description I mean is the GENERAL description, not the description in the separate line items.

But it’s okay with me, if it is common and accepted that this GENERAL description is empty, it’s okay with me.

Thank you!

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oke, you’r right. Sorry. Thanx

I agree with @avcsupport that the invoice form description (as opposed to the line description) should carry forward to the payment/receipt form description. If a user does require a different description on the payment/receipt then it can be changed by that user with virtually no additional work or time involved than if the field was blank.

Yes, but what about all those who need nothing? Should they be inconvenienced to smooth your personal workflow? The question is how often would a general description of an invoice apply to a receipt/payment? Less often than it would not, I think.

You have a valid point @Tut. Perhaps at some stage this sort of thing will be able to be set in the preferences section.

@Tut @AJD Yes, that is exactly what i mean. The general description almost always apply to the meaning of the invoice. When you make an overview of the payments, it is convienient when the general description is filled in. When this is empty, you don/t know what’s it about.

@avcsupport, that may be how you personally use the program. But it is not how all others use it. The philosophy behind the program’s design is not to impose a single workflow on all users, but to allow the program to be used in ways that fit individual needs.

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