Delivery Order

In current case, whenever you put purchase invoice, it’ll be assumed that the items been received straight away.

How if the current situation is we’re not raising Purchase Order when we buy the goods instead of Delivery Order ? We processed the DO to the supplier from internet banking. once we got the SO number, it’ll be appeared in their system and whenever we need the supplier to send the items, we’ll select the SO number from their system and it will be delivered to us ASAP. The problem with the current manager is I can’t track wether all of my DO been delivered or not.

Do you have any idea the best treatment for this kind of situation ?

Since in Accurate system, they have Delivery Order module.

There is an inventory warehouse module coming which will keep physical track of inventory regardless of their accounting transaction status. I believe its number four in the queue. This should help with your problem, although it won’t be spefically to do with Delivery Orders per se. But it should do what you need it to do, which is track physical whereabouts of goods.

Yeah I think I’ll need it.

@lubos, do you have any estimation when will this new module be released ?

Thank youu…

No idea. The developer can only give an estimate. I expect it will be a few months before its implemented though.

It will happen this year, not sure when though.