Delivery Note | Sales Order | Sales Invoice

We have develop a procedure to effectively use SO → SI → DN.

Is it possible that SO and SI is automatically picked once a ‘Copy To’ option is selected from SO; as it function from SI.

That already happens if those numbers exist on the source transaction. Based on your screen shot, it looks like you are using outdated software.

SO is very initial document. SI generates subsequently. If DN is generated from SI Copy to option then it auto fill all details automatically.

But if DN is created from SO, before creating SI as SI is created subsequently, as work is delegated to different team members then DN do not picks SI number once SI is generated. My request is that database at backhand knew about unique keys so it should be link in a way DN should be able to pick SI numbers from the source data of SO.

We are using Cloud Edition, screen shots are made from New DN not Copy to.

In the workflow you describe, the sales invoice number does not exist in the sales order record. So you need to copy the delivery note from the sales invoice, not from the sales order. It is no more work.

Well, it hardly makes sense to illustrate a request with a screen shot from a different process. If you copied your delivery note from a more logical source, the fields you illustrated would actually not appear. The fields associated directly with the customer would be filled in instead:

Agreed to logical follow but as I mentioned above that we are operating in Cloud Edition with set of rules and rights define for certain procedures therefore a DN is created from SO Form not from SI form. SI is generated centrally from another user once all other supporting documents are available, as there are likely chances that customer pay not process for confirmation of order and pay to us. In that case, SO is the best tool otherwise cancelling the invoice is not recommended.

I am sure Manager engineers would be able to find some solution as information is already available in the data sources, it is just the timing of using the forms and linking the same automatically once the details is updated from other form.

Manager can not put the Sales Invoice number on the Delivery Note unless the Sales Invoice has already been created

But you are creating the Delivery Note before the Sales Invoice, so this is not possible

Thank you @Joe91.