Delivery Note Layout

I have this layout in my current delivery notes, but I would like to move the rectangles as shown, so that they are all at the same horizontal line. I’m afraid that if I put more products, I will get the sugnatures frames in different pages.
Can you please tell me how I could do this?

Thank you,

This would not be trivial coding and is probably beyond the scope of this forum. Also, you should be aware that it would affect all forms, not just delivery notes, because these blocks are implemented as custom fields.

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Hello Tut,
thank you for your response.
I just thought that since these blobks existed in previous editions, they
would be possible to have now, somehow…no?

Possible…yes. Trivial…no. If you don’t have the coding skill, you can hire someone who does. It wouldn’t be horribly sophisticated for a professional, but it would be a major rewrite of a theme.