Delete a credit Note

Hi, I am new to Manager and I am stumbling through!
I previously created a credit note with a supplier and I now want to cancel the credit note as I have found a better way to handle the credit. Can someone help me - how I can simply delete the credit I raised? Thanks

You can just delete credit note but you are talking about supplier here… if they sent you a credit note, it should be recorded as debit note under Debit Notes tab.

They didn’t really send a credit, just an overpayment on one months bill, which I wish to simply fix as a credit to the following month. Somehow I have created a credit which I cant figure out how to delete.

I see… if they didn’t send you a credit note, then delete your debit note from Manager.

Overpayments are handled by Manager automatically. No need to record anything. They will be automatically applied to the next purchase invoice they will issue.

yes, thanks. but I cant find a delete button anywhere for the debit/credit note. I cant even remember how I entered it in the first place. What main menu do I go to first? I can only find the credit sitting under my assets on my summary screen. When I click on the amount, it takes me to supplier credits. I can view the credit but then all i can do is print it or email it?? Thanks so much

If you have entered Debit note, it would be under Debit Notes tab. Maybe you didn’t enter debit note at all.

Why do you want to print or email supplier credit? Supplier credit is automatically created by Manager when you overpay purchase invoice or when you pay in advance to supplier.

Thanks so much for your help. It turns out there was no credit or debit but somehow I had created the error by overpaing an invoice/bill. So the amount was showing as a supplier credit in my assets. I have fixed all the amounts paid to reflect the invoices and has all cleared. Thanks for your help lubos and sorry for my poorly worded questions. :slight_smile: