Debt to creditors

Good morning, we encountered a problem when we owed a financial institution, when we input it manually through the debt receipt feature it doesn’t appear in the summary

is there any solution regarding this? we tried to search in this forum have not found

More information please. There is no “debt receipt feature.” Please use terminology from the program. Tell us what you actually did. Show screen shots.

after we understood, it turns out that the receipt feature, when we receive money from debts, is only dedicated to suppliers.

so that the debt will go to the temporary account.

we’ve resolved by creating a new account in the liability group.

but is there a feature to group accounts payable so there aren’t too many accounts in the summary?

You are wrong.

What on earth do you mean?

How does this resolve anything? What does it resolve?

They are all grouped by default. Whatever you see is a result of whatever actions you have taken.

it seems we have a misperception.

I mean when making cash receipts in accounts payable, it’s only for suppliers. Here we attach a photo:

then I created a new account in the liability group. Thus our problem has been solved.

It’s just that we ask if there is a feature to combine/summarize several accounts in the liabilities section to make it more concise like subaccounts.

We do not have a misperception. But you are misusing the program and violating fundamental accounting principles. You cannot receive money for a payable. You pay money to suppliers for payables. You receive money from customers.

You can assign accounts to groups and collapse the groups. But first you must get your accounting straightened out. Then realize there is no purpose for the accounts you created.

Read this guide: Enter suppliers | Manager

You will note that the default “Control Account” for suppliers is Accounts Payable. You can also set up a different Control account for suppliers with a different name such as Creditors. If you create a different Control account then this can be selected when creating or editing a supplier (see this guide: Add custom control accounts | Manager)

You must first create the supplier before entering any invoices.

@Tut Yes right I agree with you.

what I mean is that I received money because I owe money to a financial institution. instead of accepting money for payment.

It seems that what @AJD said is exactly what I meant, thank you for providing the information.

Greetings to all of us

Looks like @yhoga just wants to have a control account for loans.

You can create a control account made of Suppliers and give it any name you like, such as Loans or Debts. Create a supplier (Financial Institution) and put this supplier under the new control account. When recording your cash receipt from the financial institution, choose his control account and select the financial institution.

A control account comprised of “Special Accounts” is another option.