Creditors by name

I am new to Manager and like the structure. However I am used to naming suppliers as “creditors”.
When I elect to have “suppliers”, the journal entry splits to allow a supplier name to be inserted. Is there any way that this facility could be introduced into the ‘liabilities’ section. It is my preference to class suppliers on credit as Creditors. Would appreciate your help.

A supplier to whom you owe money is certainly a creditor. When you enter a purchase order, the amount shows up in Accounts Payable, which is a liability account, and Manager keeps track of how much you owe to each supplier, including on what purchase orders. Check the Summary page, and you will see Accounts Payable grouped under Liabilities.

So I believe what you ask is already present in Manager. There is hard coding behind the way that control account and its sub-accounts work, and it uses the suppliers identified in the Suppliers tab.

One further though. You can go into Settings/Chart of Accounts and update the name of the ‘Accounts Payable’ account to ‘Creditors’ and Accounts Receivable to ‘Debtors’ too if you wish. Those 'Account Titles are what appear on the summary screen (the Tab will remain Suppliers but the summary will show the aged Payables and Receivables under as Creditors and Debtors respectively.

Thank you. I am assisting a small concern that operates on visiting traders and telephoned orders. I am therefore trying to reduce the accounting to a very simplistic operation. From past experience Creditors were listed on paper. The business is a small Bar and restaurant, located in a country that is really “just getting by”. But thank you again.

Thanks I will have Aa go at your suggestion. regards