Date correction 2017

I was wondering if you could help me correct the date. As of 1/1/17 the date is reading dd/mm/yyy an not mm/dd/yyy

My date format is correct ( mm/dd/yyyy)
When I import my bank statement the date is shown as dd/mm/yyy

You need to reformat the bank statement before importing or change your date format preference to match the bank. This is not a flaw in Manager, just a difference in settings between two systems.

thank you

Before downloading from the bank, check to see if they give you different date options - mine do

mine doesn’t. I can’t find anywhere I could fix this mistake.

It is not a mistake. As I told you before, it is simply a difference in date formats between two systems. It is up to you to bring them into conformance before you try to import the bank statement. Either reformat the statement or change your Manager preferences.