Data connection ODBC using OR Ms acess or excel


Can you guide me for connectivity using excel , access and VB.NET platform for customized reporting using third party software such as crystal report, xtrareport, fast report, active report.


Currently this is not possible. It should be possible within a few months. Not much work is left to allow that.


@lubos that’s to say that it will ne possibile to connect with ODBC? It would be a great step forma reporting


What I’m currently thinking is that Manager will allow data dump into normalized SQL database. Then it will be possible to connect to it using ODBC protocol.


That would permit me to do all my reports. 100% support for this by myself! Any tentative date? Are you planning also to dump the reports (balance sheet and so on?)


I make a proposal for a first quick temporary solution. Wouldn’t be possible to have a dump of all the json files of a business under a defined directory by pushing a backup link? Json is already implemented…


No date but I do want to address this deficiency very soon. It’s one of those pain points in Manager since custom reports have been added but not much progress has been made on them. Partly because I realized the feature will be too complicated to use for non-technical user and still not good enough for expert user.


Hi Lubos, any update about this subject? Thanks


Any update? @lubos


Hi Lubos. Is there any progress on this project?


I’m currently working on API. This would allow 3rd-party program to expose ODBC end-point to Manager data. So to get there will still take a few months but it’s going to happen.

Custom Reports

We are anxiously waiting


Yes we are! It will be a big step forward!


@lubos are you planning on using this Api connection so that people can connect to HMRC under Making Tax Digital. This is somthing that will be required in April 2019 for the UK.


Don’t see where the requirement for accounting software comes from - presumably you can continue to report online as you do now


You are correct that not all businesses will be required to use the MTD system in April 2019, but they will the following year, so you may as well make it ready for April.

The software comes in that at some point in the future, you will no longer be able to logon to HMRC website and input the numbers manually for VAT. The whole point of MTD is that your software will link up to the HMRC system and the input will be digital.

Therefore accounting software for the UK will need to support this.


Yeah, the idea of add-ons is to facilitate country-specific functionality such as online lodgement, bank feeds etc.