Dashboard with POWER BI

hey i need a real time dashboard for report in manager.io i use clooud edition and i don’t know how to program but this is cool if i can get access like api on cloud to get data and translate to power bi thanks

There is no easy way to do this. Currently API provides access to raw data only. You can’t query balances (yet).

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if api just acces raw data only that will be good for me like i can access raw ivoice so can you tell me how to use api for access . maybe sort documentation or explanation . i’ll be sure to make some documented so the other user at this forum can make real time report by them self

API is available at /api endpoint. So if you are using cloud edition and your cloud site is at https://something.manager.io, then API will be at https://something.manager.io/api

You will be able to log into API with any user who is created in the system as administrator.

However, without coding skills, there is not much you will be able to do with it.