Customizing Reports tab

We used to be able to customize the Reports tab. Somewhere along the line, that capability either disappeared or has been moved to a place I can’t find. I suspect this happened when the customization scheme was changed.

Consequently, I can no longer enable reports that were not previously enabled. Yet some reports have automatically appeared on the list. Even though I don’t need them, I cannot disable them. And the various tax reports do not seem accessible.

Thanks for the help.

Yeah, I dont use them every day but you are right. Tax reports are gone.

Simplified customization. Only left navigation can be customized, reports and settings are implied based on left navigation. 15.1.34

I get that but there is no Tax tab. I have tax codes but no tax reports any longer.

Sorry, this was regression bug. Tax reports were only visible if in-built tax codes were used. If you have created custom tax codes, they were hidden.

Fixed in the latest version (15.1.46)

hi Abeiku. want to customize the names of the tabs on the left navigation pane i.e Summary, Bank Accounts, Cash Accounts etc. I want to write the name of these in my native language. Please help me with info on how to do this

Under Preferences on the top menu bar, change your language. If your language is not available, join the volunteers who are translating Manager into new languages. See the progress at There is a button at the bottom for joining the team.