Customized reporting scope?

hello can you please explain the scope and limitation of custom report field?
and can we import info from manager to excel ?

Custom reports are a work in progress with no documentation so far.

Almost every screen in Manager has an Export button in the bottom right corner. This will export the data on screen to a TSV file, which can be imported to a spreadsheet.

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Is the feature (TSV) you are talking about is applicable with desktop version? I am actually studying manager (desktop version) because our finance head is interested with the said software since I told her how simple it is…However… she is asking me if it supports managerial reports? is this kind of feature available at custom reporting field? Thanks

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ManagerialReports ---- according Managers’ preference of reporting…(projected revenue, budgeting)

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There is currently no budgeting feature and nothing for revenue projections. Manager is accounting software, not forecasting software, which is more readily done with spreadsheets.

Read the Guides to see the features.