Customize vehicles /cars import

Hello There,
Actually i am an importer of used vehicles from abroad.
First customer reserve desired car, then he leave downpayment , i start the process of importing the car starting from paying the supplier and persuit the shipping ,
I need car expenses in the same purchase invoice without appearing in the supplier account.
one more important thing: i sometimes buy used cars from my customers , how to merge their customer and supplier account into one account ledger.

Welcome to the forum @Ibrahim_Morad,

That wouldn’t be possible since the invoice belong to 1 and only 1 supplier. However, Manager provides an alternative workflow for allocating of expense to invoices. See this guide for more information:

That wouldn’t be possible as well. To buy from a Customer you will either have to:

  1. Create a separate Supplier account, Or
  2. For purchases from a Customer, use a Credit Note.

You should know that if you go with option (2), the purchase transaction will be considered as a sales transaction for Tax Purposes. There are solutions, however, and these solutions will involve advanced Tax Code setup.

Note: I have edited the OP title to remove the cryptic reference “CU348617”, since that wouldn’t be helpful to other forum members

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