Customization in invoice

Hello Managers

can edit ant field name in invoice like description.?

If you are referring to the entry screen, no. If you are referring the completed document, you would need a custom theme employing a substitution filter.

i want to change word description(Optional) to DSF

Can it possible

@meesam, I am not sure what you are trying to say or achieve. What do you want? Pick (1) or (2)

From --> Description: [Text Field]
To --> DSF: [Text Field]

From --> Description: [Text Field]
To Always --> Description: [DSF]

If your answer is (1) then you cannot do it.
If your answer is (2) then you may want to go through is guide carefully Set form defaults


Dear I want this see the attached image

You were already told that cannot be changed.

Use custom fields: