Customers importing & custom fields not working

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I’m completly new to manager and really like it. Never the less I have a problem. Could somebody help me, please?

After copying a spreadsheet to import my data, when you name the columns, I can’t click on the custom field to give the column a name which is not suggested. Through that it’s not importing the data right as I would have 2 columns with the same name.



Here is Video Guide how to you can try to see if it solves the questions you have.

Thanks for the video. That’s all clear. My problem is - see when you name the columns (customer import) you have the “in-built” column names and beneath it there is the custom field. How can I activate this so that I can add a different column name?

You need to create custom fields before import. See: Guides | Manager

Yes, thanks! So stupid from me. Saw it last night and created it. Now I have the problem that I would like to have this field on first place and not last. Is that possible?