Customer/supplier ledger in 1 page

In my case, there are so many companies which are basically my suppliers but sometimes those are my customers too. So how can I see their ledgers? (in customer reports or supplier reports?)

If customer is also supplier at the same time, in Manager you still need to maintain them as two separate accounts.

However, if you don’t want to exchange cash and just want to contra sales & purchase invoices, you can follow this guide:

Thanks for express response. I will try and update my feedback.

suppose I have to pay $1000 total to my supplier against various purchase invoices and I pay him $900. Then what will be the journal entry??
Because there are several purchase invoices of little amount and I pay him lump sum amount.???

If there are more invoices involved and instead of specifying individual invoices, you can also contra amounts between customer and supplier accounts directly.