Customer Statement Discrepancy with Accounts Payable and Bank Transactions

First let me thank you for a wonderful program!

My questions concerns Customer Statements. I would like to generate a statement for each customer that accurately reflects their standing. Since I download my transactions from my bank website and then attach the paid invoices to the deposit - crediting the accounts receivable account - I have to wait for my bank to process the deposits. When it is time to generate the customer statement, some customers have actually paid an invoice but it still shows as unpaid because my bank has not yet processed the deposit for me to credit the accounts payable. Is there a way to customize the Customer Report so that I can only show/select the invoices that they need to pay? I do write the check number and the date the payment was received in the “notes” section of the invoice. If there is a way to show the “notes” section of the invoice in the Customer Report that would solve the problem for now.

Any suggestions?

You can enable Bank deposits tab and when customer pays for invoice (e.g. you receive a cheque), enter the transaction in this tab. The bank deposit will be considered as uncleared until it shows on your bank statement (then the bank statement line can be matched with deposit to clear it)

Keep in mind, bank deposits are very new feature. I’m still working on it and there are no guides on it how to use this module. So if you can wait, I suggest to wait a few weeks when everything is done.

Thanks so much! I am very glad to know you are working in this feature!

Just checking on the status of the Guides for the Bank Deposits Tab. I have updated and added the tab, but didn’t want to start doing big entries until the guides were ready.

Thanks for everything you do!

Actually the tab has been removed in the end and made part of Bank accounts tab. I’m currently working on guides that’s why I’ve been quiet for a few days.

I am getting ready to print my customer statements for April - they will go out on Monday. I have been checking daily for a new guide on this topic and haven’t seen one yet. Since the Bank Deposit tab has been removed, I don’t have any way to show the correct balance on the statement unless I manually adjust each report. It just doesn’t look very professional.

I have looked through other threads and can’t find a breakdown of how to add/clear the transaction. Any advice?

Any chance they guides will be ready today?