Customer custom field in invoice?

So I want a custom field for customer as I wish to have two different addresses - Billing Address and Shipping Address.

I added a custom field, but when I try to display it using {{ custom_fields[‘Shipping Address’] }}, nothing is displayed.

However the custom fields created under Sales Invoice get displayed fine.

Can the custom fields under customers not be displayed in my sale invoice?

They cannot. They apply to Customers tab. Only custom fields created for sales invoices can appear on invoices.

Yes I believe you can pull a custom field from customers tab on sales invoice if you are using your own “view template” coding.
I pull vehicle from customer tab to show on my invoices.
I will take a look at my template later to see what the coding is and paste it here.

@Abhishek Try {{ customer.custom_fields[‘Shipping Address’] }}

Ah, yes, @Abhishek. @itmoto is correct when you are coding a custom view template. You did not mention you were doing that, so I thought you were trying to add custom fields to the standard sales invoice. You can do that, of course, but with limitations.