Customer branches / Sub-customer

Can we split @bristam’s question and replies to a different thread? It seems to be a completely different question.

True, but if you create a Shipping address custom field for delivery notes, the Shipping address field from sales invoices will copy over. But it won’t copy into the Delivery address field because that has a different label.

Because the sales invoice goes to the business address. Manager’s design philosophy is to include the minimum essential information and let users customize with custom fields. Delivery addresses are associated with customers, not sales transactions. So when a form is intended for delivery of goods, the delivery address appears. What you might think of as important information is another user’s unnecessary clutter.

erm… I think the rest of my paragraph that you didn’t quote is already a respond to you. Here it is:

I agree that for those who don’t enable Delivery Note tab Delivery Address field would be unnecessary clutter, whether it’s in Customer or Invoice. But you are saying that someone would ENABLE Delivery Note tab and find Delivery Address necessary on Customer but unnecessary on Invoices? What absurd reasoning is that! As I said, Delivery Address is practically on EVERY invoice out there that involve delivery.

That may be your experience and preference. If so, the program will accommodate you as I have described. But it is not everyone’s preference. Some prefer to show only a billing address on sales invoices, as the transaction form goes only to an accounting department. Just because others’ practices do not match yours doesn’t mean they are absurd.

I am also in a situation where I deliver products to different branches and then the HQ needs the invoices.

The HQ makes 1 payment and send a remittance advice so I can see which beaches invoices was paid with this payment. I am manually receipting each invoice as if it was different payments.

But now the HQ wants a statement. Obviously I can’t do that in manager because I have each branch as a different customer.

I agree with this request to make customers a bit flexible with sub customers or branches within customers so that invoices can be generated to different branches but a customer statement can be pulled with all the branch transactions