Customer balance and/or cash accounts reconciliation


I’m not sure if I use the right accounting terms or not, so I think I need to explain…

Here in Turkey, we have “end of day” procedure. This prodecure includes to count the cash in safe and be sure the balance on screen and money in hand matches. If not, nobody goes home :slight_smile:

Additionally, ones or twice a week,if using same softwares, we sent balance files; if not, we send balance sheet to customers or call them by phone and ask if our balance and their balance are matching or not. If mismatching we check all lines one by one and find the mistake and solve it.

We record these procedure to our softwares of course. But I could not find a place or button to record these in Manager Server Edition so I record them to a Excel sheet. But I don’t feel good, this makes me lose time and energy, I am really busy.

All softwares have a spec like this here in Turkey, there are boxes near all of lines and if a record is “reconciliated” with customer or after counting you click it. One by one? Yes one by one :slight_smile: Or if you want to click all unclicked ones you click the box above to select all, then click once and its done…

Hope I could tell clearly.

Please can someone tell me if there is a spec. like this or not? Or will it be added soon?

Thank you all.

Your only option to record these procedures is under the Customers “additional information” field.
There isn’t a line by line facility

Thanks for the answer, I did it. Actually not the solution in my mind but it is OK. I even don’t have to keep that Excel sheet and can keep the records in Manager.
I will be happy if a better solution comes.