Feature Request: reconciliation cash account


like it says… it’s possible to add reconciliation history to cash accounts?

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Reconciliation of cash accounts is impossible, because there is nothing reconcile against. A reconciliation statement for bank accounts takes into consideration pending withdrawals and deposits and adjusts for differences between a bank statement and accounting records for the same bank account. In other words, you have two records of the same account that are supposed to match. For cash accounts, the physical count of coins and bills either matches the account balance or it doesn’t. There is nothing else to compare.

is a verry longggg history, I just need the history view of the reconciliation function (like in) in bank accounts, is that too hard to understand? I already saw that you always take everything very straight.

It is not difficult to understand at all. But you did not mention bank accounts. You asked about cash accounts. If you want to keep a history of bank account reconciliations, create a new reconciliation statement every time you reconcile. Manager will keep them all. When you click on the date for an account under the Last reconciliation column in the Bank Accounts tab, you will see the entire list. You can export the list if you want to print it.

like i said… reconciliation view in cash accounts… like in bank accounts…

i’m sorry for “my english”

I have no trouble understanding your English. No matter how many times you ask, though, you will not be able to reconcile cash accounts for the reasons I explained in my first response.

I think what @Eu_Mesmo is asking is for a way to enter whether the actual cash matches the cash account in Manager.

Couldn’t you just make your “Cash” account setup as a bank account and record your bank recs when you count? @Tut is right though, you really aren’t checking anything and if you are off it’s because you mis counted at some point, made an error on the screen or the money got stolen.

Just setup your cash account under bank accounts and you have solved the problem.

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I would like to see an option to create an Inter Account transfer by picking items from a list of transactions ‘deposited’ into my Cash On Hand account. i.e. I can pick the checks or cash transactions I’m about to deposit and it would give me a total. that total would then populate the Inter Account transfer. That would mean I’m far less likely to make a math error ('cause the program would do it for me at the time of the ‘transfer’).
This could potentially help the gentleman who is trying to ‘reconcile’ his cash account.

Can you explain better? What you wrote doesn’t make sense. Why would prior receipts in a cash account be combined as an inter account transfer? A transfer is a single amount.

I think he means he records the cash receipts in a petty cash type account and then lodges an amount to a bank account.

But I agree I do not see what that brings to the table - why not just record the lodgement to the bank?

He appears to have a digitised list of transactions into his “cash account” and finds it useful to confirm what’s taken out, is not consistently different. Electronic cash registers or other point of sale machines may provide this functionality. But you are correct, him describing his actual use case is required.

A cash reconciliation is not the same as a bank reconciliation , where you match the period-end bank account statement provided by your bank with your internal records for the same account , and adjust your internal records as necessary. Some worth info about reconciliation and some more understanding info for many people that are still unfamiliar with this word.