Customer and Supplier summary functions as in GL summary


It would be nice that when generating a customer or supplier summary report, it would be possible to click on the movements amounts in each line, to see detail of what these total amounts represent, just as can already be done in GL summary.

And let me again give your program a *****-rating ! Fantastic job your team is doing !

Yeah, the plan is to implement drilling-down functionality for every report. There is new implementation of custom reports coming soon which will make a few built-in reports obsolete. Then it’s a matter of going through remaning reports where drilling-down is not yet supported and add it to all of them.

Why force Users into being “Report Generators” especially those who don’t have the technical nous to comprehend Custom Report construction.

Further more, when make Manager makes changes then previous existing Custom Reports include “garbage” content as noted in two other topics posted today.