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Is it possible to add Customer Account Numbers? For example:

Customer is an plumber so his account number is PLUMXXX. Private customers is PRIXXX whereby XXX will auto count up for every new customer. Example PLUM001, PLUM002, PRI001, PRI002

Hope such a feature is somewhere hidden. This is the only reason why I’m not already using this awesome software.


Go to customer and edit and put PlumXXX under code. That’s the field for customer account

Thank You for the reply. But I’m looking to do that when I create the customer.


As you can see. Both test customers now have the same code. The code should be unique to each customer.

PS. How to auto add number next to the code? PLUM***

you can do that when you create customer. There is no difference to the form for creating a new customer versus editing an existing custerom. At the moment the program does not auto update. You have to specify the exact code that you want to put in. I don’t; know whether autoadd functionality will be added to the customer account number or not in the future as that is something for the developer to decide.

The developer is aware of account duplication issue - that is on the roadmap to fix - Roadmap

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You could also add account numbers as a custom field under Settings.

Let me also make a couple points. First, @lubos has mentioned plans to move towards having more and more information be in custom fields. Customer codes are left over from early days of the program. I don’t know exactly how he will plan for data migration, but you might want to use a custom field from the beginning to avoid potentially having to re-enter anything later. Second, do not expect the program to autonumber a scheme like yours. After all, who could predict blending abbreviations for customer occupations with numbers, and if someone did, how could all possible combinations be predicted? Some people like easy-to-remember codes with a few letters. Others like detailed account numbers that encode service locations and levels, etc. So if you get an autonumber capability in Manager, it will most likely be the same as the one for sales invoices: find the highest existing number and add 1.

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Any update on this feature?

This is the same question you asked at Automatic code for new customer.