Custom Theme Preview vs PDF Export vs PDF Print

Hello ,
I Just made a Custom Theme ( Not Totally Custom ) , Took already made theme and tried to make the text direction right to left instead of left to right

When Exporting to PDF , The Direction coding seems not working properly and it exports normaly …
When try to print directly from manager or even PRINTING to PDF , it exports and prints as i need exactly , but colors are not being printed at all , and all are different , only A Line at the header and at the footer are being printed

Any help please ?

There was a sarcastic old saying that went something like “standards are wonderful, there are so many to choose from.”

Out of necessity, Manager works with a subset of HTML/CSS and Liquid; because of this, there is never a guarantee of things being rendered the same way in the desktop/browser view, in the PDF generator, and in a printed document.

The only way I’ve found to get something workable is to continue to experiment using the most-basic HTML and CSS possible, until you get something that is vaguely acceptable. We would all love to have beautiful custom themes, but Manager has always been an accounting system primarily; the document design features are only minimal.

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