Custom Theme - Page Margins Issue

I have created a custom theme, while printing the document in English the margins on right & left are perfect, as soon as I change the language from English to Arabic the page margins on right of the page are not as perfect as English. I have attached both the forms (English & Arabic) for the reference.

Can anyone help me please

There is already a bug report that covers problems with right-to-left languages: RTL support is a Must.

You should expect to need different custom themes for left-to-right and right-to-left languages anyway.

I don’t think that’s it. The issue of RTL messing up borders has been solved by creating new classes border-start and border-end.

@azharuk what version are you using? And is that the default theme?

I am using cloud version and it’s a custom theme. In default theme it’s acting perfectly.

New CSS classes were introduced to better support RTL languages.

If you made the Custom theme just to correct Arabic display, then you can start using the default theme because that’s not necessary anymore.

If you have made the custom theme for other purposes then you should use the new CSS classes for best results.

i have found a workaround on my Mac.
after you create the Invoice in Manager, drag the the invoices on an open browser,
then you get Manager working for you in the browser.
then, go to print, and you get the printing dialog box of the browser, from there, hit option +print, and you can print normally with normal merging.
i know it is a little complicated, but at list you can print your invoices.

Dear everybody.
please help me with theme right side margin. You see there is no margin on the right side. I want to shift margin and keep a space on the right so that have best printable version. I cant find anyone locally who can right in Liquid. Please help. What line and what code in the theme coding should insert/change/add?

thank you

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