Custom report?

I would like to get a report that lists all transactions in my Bank account
From April the 1st 2016 to March 31st 2017
coded to Rental income account

Ask the users in this thread,

Create the report from the Rental Income account rather then from the Bank Account.
On the Summary tab - Set Period, enter the dates parameters required.
Click on the blue balance figure for the Rental Income account, which will list all transactions for the period.

Then you can either export or if you are using Windows OS, right click on the screen and select “Print”

@Wornout, please don’t double-post your questions. This one was already answered in another thread.

Sorry I asked in here first and someone told me I had put it in the wrong place and said I should put it in another thread

Wheres that do you mean through the P&L because there is no export button

This is a recent and known bug.

Is there any update on this bug please
and the possible one with PDF

The Export function was restored a couple days ago.

You need to be more specific with your other question. Does that pertain to a different topic?

sorry Tut yes it does and I will now up date my manager I didnt see anything in the releases
thank you

The announcement was a response to the bug report, not a release note.

I just tried it and it exported to another screen in manager so what do I do now
just to make sure it now has the red button and blue button back?


“Actually, things have changed a little with reintroduction of the feature. Now, when you click Export, you see the resulting TSV file in a window. Copy that and paste it into Excel. A little easier than before, when you had to export it as a separate file, then open with Excel or import.”

Ok cool thanks I thought I had got the wrong manager.