Custom report

Hi, I would Like to ask the Code for the Custom report generated or customized the report that I want to. in a different Field.

custom reports are still a work in progress. there is no documentation for custom reports yet.
please search the forum before posting new questions. most have already been answered and discussed many times.

it doesn’t work.

that is what i said. you cannot expect something to work which is still under development.

so meaning I cant Create report By using Custom report?


but some users have had partial success. it may not be possible to get all reports you expect. search the forum for such topics.


I also hope that this function will be finished because I very need this function.

Thank @sharpdrivetek to let me know about this.

I’m also trying the custom report on desktop version for trial purpose but it’s always loading never ending, is it not working on desktop version?

I’m just follow this forum: SQL schema for creating custom reports - #2 by lubos
Some people success to run the query.

Thank you.