Custom Report SQL Syntax

Lubos, I need to get a listing of customers with values in a “Customer Custom Field” which I have set up at position 3 in custom field settings. Any chance you could give me the SQL syntax that would enable to extract a custom report listing these. Many thanks.

Do you mean any value in the custom field or a specific value in the custom field? If a specific value, click on the Customers tab, then search on whatever you are looking for. If you need a printed version, export the search results. This will only work if the custom field is set up to show as a column by ticking the appropriate box when creating or editing it.

Thanks. I have used the above method previously for specifics, but I have a customer base with numerous values in this field and I would like to pick them all up if possible. The Custom Field is set up as a column and therefore appears on the Invoice as such which is very useful.