Custom Report - Accrual Vs Cash Basis

Dear @lubos, the actual implementation of Custom Report doesn’t permit to confront Accrual Basis numbers Vs Cash Basis numbers since the Basis is set at the head of the report.

How about moving it at line level in order to give the flexibility to confront this kind of data in the same report?


What are you trying to do?

To see what was registered under accrual basis and the amount of it paid.

But general ledger can be either on cash-basis or accrual-basis. I don’t think I understand what you are trying to do.

Just the first example it comes to my mind. I create a list of invoices grouped by customers and other custom fields. I would like to show the amount of the invoices on accrual basis (the standard I have to use for my accounting) with an additional column of the paid amount (amount on cash basis).

Well, this information is contained within accrual-basis general ledger but this would require pivoting.

Basically, you want Amount posted to accounts receivable be pivoted by whether it was posted by Sales Invoice transaction or not. If it was posted by sales invoice transaction, then it’s invoice total. If it wasn’t posted by sales invoice transaction, then it’s a payment against the invoice.

But custom reports do not support pivoting…

I don’t need them as two different columns. They can also be in different lines so it’s not a matter of Pivoting. The problem is the level at which we can select if it is accrural or cash basis. Now it is at report level. It should be at line level.

Have a look at this example:


It will look kind of ugly but the idea is that general ledger transactions posted to accounts receivable are grouped by sales invoice and then by SalesInvoiceAsTransaction

Now you can see two amounts for each invoice.

  • Invoice total
  • Payment (or other credits) total against invoice

See? No cash-basis complication required.

Thanks. I’ll do some testing. What’s the basic difference between invoice and invoice as transaction?

They both contain sales invoice object but SalesInvoiceAsTransaction will be empty if the transaction is not sales invoice. For example, receipt transaction can credit sales invoice so Sales Invoice will not be empty but SalesInvoiceAsTransaction will be empty because receipt is not sales invoice. It’s not very intuitive so this will likely change.