Cash Basis in Custom Reports

Dear @lubos, I see that ContraTransactions recently appeared in Custom Report. How are they supposed to work? Are they related somehow to cash based reporting?

ContraTransactions serve internal purpose. They were not meant to be visible in drop-down.

Thanks. How are you planning to make cash based custom reports?

You mean custom reports on cash basis?

Yes. Iā€™m able to reproduce both Tax Summary and Tax Report (with the exception of reverse charge but a solution is already in the Ideas) but only on accrual basis.

Since I have some taxes that goes on accrural basis and other on cash basis it would be useful to have the drop down menu that we find in BS and P&L in Custom Reports.

Added to the latest version (20.8.40)

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Thanks a lot. You saved us hours of works each month.

One question. I have some custom fields in purchase invoices (at head level). They show up in Accrual Basis and not in Cash Basis in Custom Reports. Is it a bug?

Find out by myself. I used Purchase Invoice As Transaction and everything worked fine.

May I ask what is the difference between Purchase Invoice and Purchase Invoice As Transaction?