Custom logo on login screen

Was what done? Several ideas have been discussed in this thread.

Custom logo on login page " I guess the option could be added to Preferences tab so you can upload your logo which could be shown on Login screen."

It can be achieved in a different way not documented as @lubos stated in various posts

Thanks. How can I have it done or can I do it, if given the instruction?

If you place logo.png file into Manager installation folder, it will display on login screen.

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Have been using it this way for months on Server Edition, so I can confirm that this works and looks really good.

The only part of the original request that is not currently possible is that @Davide requested it appear in the main navigation as well.

So perhaps this topic doesn’t need to be in ‘ideas’ any more, if there are no plans to add it elsewhere. The only change that is still likely to happen is this:

Can you show screenshot what you refer to in current version? I’m pretty sure there is a way.

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I assume he is requesting the logo also appear somewhere around here:

From a layout perspective, I’d say the only logical place to put it would be before the ‘Example Business’ name … as it would look strange appearing before ‘Back’ or after ‘Logout’.

Personally don’t mind if it is here or not, just pointing out that it was part of the original request:

Login form: Definitely possible
Top menu: As described above?

The latest version (19.7.48) adds ability to set custom logo on login screen within the program (this means cloud edition is supported too). You can upload logo under Preferences tab (currently the logo must be in PNG format and under 250 kB)

Then your login screen would show the logo instead of “Login” title.



Dear Sir
How to hide "Forgot Your Password " in Login because I can upload my logo but
not like your photo as I had :Forgot Your Password:

Can you please clarify what you mean? What does a logo have to do with forgotten passwords?

You see as above @lubos
There is only User name and Password
No include “Fogot your Password”
But I have this one.
I don’t want to show my staff and my clients this.
Most of time , we have given my staff as administrator to data entry,and correction and so on for our clients
but if i forget my password ,I believe that I can Contact @lubos with my email
So I want to hide it
I am new user it
So please explain me

@lubos does not know your password. Passwords are set by an administrative user on your account. If one of your users forgets their password, they must contact your administrator. See

If you are using the server edition and the administrator forgets his or her password, see

If this does not answer your question, please be more specific.

@Thida, it cannot be hidden but there will be new customer portal for cloud edition customers. Then I will remove “Forgot password” link from login screen thus making cloud edition 100% white-label.

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I am interesting it.
Please explain me white label accounting program ,Fees and other fees

Cloud edition is white-label by default. It contains zero branding. You can use custom domain name too.

@Thida, read this Guide:

The latest version (19.9.2) no longer contains “Forgot password” link on login screen. If you are using cloud edition and forget your “administrator” password, you will need to go to:

Then click Management Console button and log in. This will allow you to manage your cloud subscription including the ability to change “administrator” password for your site.

The advantage of this approach is that cloud edition contains no links which refer to our website thus making it white-label. You probably want to use custom domain too if white-label is something you care about.


Hi, I tried to change my preference logo, but it always shows the same logo even i deleted the previous then update a new logo. the new logo is at PNG format and under 250kb

How did you try to change it? You may have been changing a business logo rather than the login screen logo.