Custom lock user to Division and/or Inventory Location

Hi, All Managers
I like to put forward an Idea regarding User permissions.
To lock / Permit the User to access any given Division(s) and /or Inventory Location(s) as an option

If selected when the user logs in and opens any form it shall go to the selected Division and Selected Inventory location
To illustrate this I forward the following


Neither is possible with the current user permission structure.

  • Divisions are applied at the line item level and can be mixed on a single transaction form. It is not possible to allow access to some line items on a form and deny access to others.
  • Inventory locations are parameters entered on sales- and purchase- and inventory-management-related forms for which permissions are granted. If users can access the form, they can access all its data and perform allowed activities. Permission is not granted to access specific inventory locations. That is, however, already in the ideas category: Restrict Users from Warehouses/Locations.

Further discussion should occur on the existing topic. I am closing this thread.