Custom fields

Hi,pls expain me i am use custom fields for Lot# But when make invoice, Colum of lot show empty need
to put manually why not show auto

Where did you define the custom field? On what form?

Did you check the box for the custom field to show on printed documents?

Can you post some screen shots to explain your problem?

Manager does not show empty columns. If you enter something in that line-item custom field on the sales invoice, it will show up on the finished sales invoice.

you mean every invoice need to put manually?

Yes. Manager does not have lot number information for inventory items. It assumes all units of a particular inventory item are identical. Therefore, if you want the information on a sales invoice, you must enter it somewhere.

Your screen shots demonstrate that you have chosen to define a line-item custom field for sales invoices. So you will need to enter the lot number manually on every sales invoice. This approach allows you to use the same inventory item, regardless of lot number. This is good for things where which lot number you have in inventory is not important, but you want to record which lot number or serial number has been sold to the customer.

Your other alternative is to define a custom field for inventory items. Then, you would have to create a separate inventory item for each batch of goods, lot number by lot number, even though they are otherwise identical. In that case, the custom field will appear automatically and be prefilled every time you select a particular inventory item. This approach is good for inventory items that have expiration dates, like medicines. Substitution of one item for another with a different lot number may not be acceptable in such cases.