Custom fields on invoices

I can’t get a drop-down menu to work as a custom field on Sales Invoices.
I see a former topic under" Custom Fields" but I can’t seem to view it.

Please either show me how to get to a former post to see if it answers my concern, or else advise me why custom fields are not updating when I edit them.

Thank you

There are hundreds, possibly thousands of posts about custom fields. If you have searched the forum, simply click on the title of a topic in the resulting list.

As for your specific issue, please post a screenshot of your custom field definition. And describe what you are experiencing. Saying you can’t get something to work without explanation is not helpful.

Thanks, Tut.
The forum doesn’t work well on my laptop. When I search, it will ONLY show recently-posted topics. I found one on custom fields, but it wasn’t quite the same issue.

I created a custom field with a drop down menu. That never showed up as such. But when I created it as a multi-item field, that worked better. I will stick with that.

Thanks for your reply.