Custom Fields Doubling Up / Missing Text

Version 18.8.30

  1. Custom Fields are doubling up on Cash Transactions and Bank Transactions both new and old.
  2. When I go in to edit the Custom Field Paragraph (Settings > Custom Fields)…No edit box and my previously saved Custom Fields are empty on the Cash Transaction etc…
  3. Some huge random figure appeared in the reference field. (I believe this one has been addressed in another post)

I can duplicate item #1. The doubled fields appear when viewing a completed transaction.

@VACUUMDOG, can you illustrate what you mean by item #2?

Item #3 is, indeed, covered by another bug report. This is due to previously existing transaction numbers.

Just realised the images were missing.

Fixed in the latest version (18.8.33)

As for entering default text, that is done under SettingsForm Defaults

version 18.8.33…still doubling up

As for the default text, (yep it had changed since I originally put the text in) it has suddenly disappeared from the form default.

Actually check the version (18.8.34) where it’s fixed.