Custom fields bug when date is 31st


Hi, I’m having an issue with custom fields, date typology. If I put inside 31/7/2018 as a date inside of it doesn’t display the date as a column and it displays it in a wrong format in the printed report. I’m using manager version 18.5.3


Is the custom field in question defined as a Date in the Type field? Is the box checked to show as a column? Everything works correctly for me.


with 31/7/2018 as date? by the way i have two custom fields as a date


Ahhhh…this problem occurs whenever the date is the 31st of a month, not just for July. I’ve put this into the bugs category.

I tested this in a bank transaction. Do you know of other places it occurs? You mentioned a wrong format in a printed report. Which one? And printed how—via Print or PDF button?


I tested it in a sales invoice - goes wrong there 31st May doesn’t show in the list of invoices but when you view the invoice, it shows but in the wrong format. I have dd/mm/yyyy as my format and the 31st May shows 2018-5-31 on the view and not at all on the invoice list


Fixed in the latest version (18.5.11)