Custom Field on printed statement

Hello everyone,
I want to set a custom Field to show on my suppliers statement. Any possibility?
Please help.

Supplier’s statements are reports

Reports do not use custom fields

But the Supplier’s Statements can use custom themes so you would have to create a theme - possibly custom fields might be available, but I am not sure

What exactly do you want to show?

Want to a USD column.

Statements can only be printed using the currency of the supplier

Ok thanks

Why would your suppliers need to see USD as well as their currency?

The amounts would never be correct as the exchange rates fluctuate every day

You are right but we use the rate as at date of transaction.

Is there any possibility to display an invoice custom field like “supplier Ref” using custom theme on the supplier’s statement? I hope yes!!

The answer is no. Custom themes only change the appearance of data already present. And for the Supplier Statement, custom fields are not passed to the theme for display.