Custom Field (Numeric) which adds to the bill value

Hi, I am exploring Manager and found excellent so far. Though it covers all generic/common scenarios, would like experts advice in one of our custom requirement.

Apart from tax we add few other components (freight charges, pkg & fwd) to calculate the final bill value. These could be percentile based or fixed and will vary for each customer - based on how we negotiated the deal.

From my initial study this doesn’t seem to be straightforward and any help in this regard is appreciated.

Rajan Kumar

First, you cannot add amounts to a subtotal except through the tax code feature, so only taxes.

Second, Manager will not perform calculations other than those hard-coded into the various forms, working from data input on the line items.

So miscellaneous charges like these must be added as line items. They can be defined as non-inventory items with pre-established posting accounts, default charges (that could be modified), etc. But percentage amounts would have to be calculated first and entered. Which accounts you post them to is up to you.

One of the problems with the approach you illustrated is that under double-entry accounting, you would be debiting the extra charges to Accounts receivable. You need an account for the balancing credit, as well. That means that such charges require more than an entry into a custom field, even if a field could perform arithmetic. Some such charges are even taxable in some jurisdictions, so it isn’t a matter of just adding on some extras.

So, assuming these are charges you impose, you might want to set up income accounts for freight and packaging/forwarding revenue. Freight charges from others that you pass along have to be handled differently, of course.