Custom Field in "cash transaction"

Having a small problem with new “custom field” in cash transaction.

I created two custom field with label “Approved by” and “Prepared by” in “casg transaction” and selected both the box

 Show custom field as a column
 Show custom field on printed documents

After creating new “cash transaction”, both the selected column are shown in the created invoice in both RECEIVE MONEY & SPEND MONEY

However, both the fields are missing when

  1. The documents are created/updated (saved)
  2. In the printed documents

Please do something about it

Two points:

  1. The fields will not show on documents unless something is in them.
  2. Existing transactions will not be affected, only new ones, unless they are edited.

I suspect you are planning to use these fields for signatures. If so, you need to add placeholder content to make the field show. This could be text with the signer’s name, an underline (____________), or HTML code to outline the field. For the last one, see the second example in this Guide: Manager Cloud.