Custom Email Payslip

For custom Email template “Payslip”, i have added the line spacing, but on email, all the lines have no space.

How can i keep the spacing format ?

Did you write the template in Liquid? And what is your sending format?

i have written the template in this format

on email, its shows like that.

You did not answer my questions. And you did not pay attention to my private message asking you not to post your screen shots through outside web sites.

so how can i ask you ?

By answering the two questions I listed in post #2 of this topic. Post your screen shots by uploading using the arrow icon above the writing pane: 51%20PM.

I can tell your template was not written in Liquid. To show your sending format, post a screen shot of Email Settings in the Settings tab.

here is the email format screenshot

That shows you have not written it in Liquid. See this Guide: Manager Cloud.

The other screen shot I need is of your Email Settings. It will look something like this:

OK. So write your template in Liquid and everything should work fine. If you don’t know how to code in Liquid, hire a local programmer or look online for any of the many instructional web sites.

first try changing the Email sending format from HTML to Plain text.

if that does not solve your issue, keep the setting as HTML and in the template insert the tag <br> after any word to add a space.

not space I think, you meant

NoSpace<br>Line Break


Line Break

Rehan you may use my code as a guide.

Thanks Issue resolved