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Hi @lubos, It has become very easy to rely on the manager after the massive updates that are done periodically, first of all, thank you.
How can a column be added in the production orders section, especially since in industrial companies there is usually a loss of moisture that may reach 20% of the total weight, so it is better to clarify the number of bags with weight in each production order for reasons of audit. Please advise.
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Welcome to the forum @Ahmed_Ezat.

Your request is similar to other requests on using multiple units of measure,.

However, I can’t see how this would help account for shrinkage during production. I mean: which unit would be used to credit inventory? This is important since you’re using two UOM to capture the production variance, so their conversion is most probably short.

I’m not asking about adding multiple units of measure, just adding a column to production orders is enough. When buying 100 bags every 50 kg for a total of 5000 kg, after the same period the bags lose weight due to moisture loss. So it is useful for me to add the weight in kilograms and the number of bags.

You actually do, one unit is bags and the other is kg.

@Ahmed_Ezat, your inventory item should be defined in the unit of measure you count. If you buy bags and list number of bags in the bill of materials, you should account for the product in bags. If you buy kg and list kg on the bill of materials, you shnould account in kg.

If you buy bags, but use kg on production orders, you will need to make the conversion calculation manually, either outside Manager or by entering a formula in the production order field for input quantity.

Since this inventory item apparently loses weight during storage, you cannot use weight as your primary unit of measure unless you are willing to constantly enter inventory write-offs. So ask yourself this: when you go into your warehouse to determine available of this inventory item, what would you count? If you count bags, that is your unit of measure. If you weigh it all, kg is your unit of measure.

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@Ahmed_Ezat’s request is very simple for people to be too technical about weights, multiple units, proceedure etc. He already knows what works for him. I think all he wants is a custom field line in production form thats all. But we want to make him seem like he does not know what he is doing. Besides values you enter in those custom field lines do not affect any accounting values. This is only for presentation purposes. Unless i have missed it too.

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@Mule1 Thank you very much, this is exactly what I need.

@Ahmed_Ezat If you clicked “solution” then no-one will work on this because you indicated that your issue is solved. If you meant that @Mule1 has the right interpretation of what you want then clicking the heart symbol shows that you support the idea and your follow-up post is still correct explaining that this is what you need.

So remove the “solution” link if not practically solved so the discussion stays active.

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