Custom Account Fields not displayed in Journal and Invoices

I’m a new member, firstly great product thank you! I’m just trying to set the system up to manage the accounts for a residents management company and hoping to upgrade from our current excel spreadsheet :slight_smile: .

I can create custom fields under the Chart of Accounts and the Profit and Loss Income and Expenditure fields but these new custom fields are not displayed under the accounts drop down menu when I try to either make a Journal entry or to raise a Purchase or Sales invoice.

If I edit the existing Sales or Expense fields in the Chart of Accounts these new edited fields are displayed, however I would like to add further categories than those available particularly under the Sales category.

Please can someone help/advise.

Oops just answered my own question I was adding a new group, not a new account.
It now all works fine but couldn’t delete this question.

Click on the … symbol to the left of the Reply arrow. More options appear including a trash can.

Oops, I may have misspoken. You might not be able to delete the opening post in a new topic. If you can’t, though, I can close this topic and hide it for you. Let me know.