Currency symbol location

It seems as though Currency Prefix/Suffix is now disabled (v.12.66). I noticed invoices are printing with no symbol, despite my having indicated usage of . If I enable Base Currency and select US, that will print. But when I disable Base Currency, even if I delete the US$ selection first and leave no selection, the US$ prefix remains. No matter what I enter in the Currency Prefix/Suffix box, it has no effect.

Are we now required to use Base Currency? Is this related to introduction of Multi-Currency? (I don’t need Multi-Currency, and do not have it enabled.)


Can you check the latest version (15.0.5)?

The anomaly appears to be resolved after installing v15.0.5. I don’t know exactly what you intended, so I experimented to discover how Manager is currently behaving.

I won’t claim to have done exhaustive testing, but I conducted a fairly thorough sampling of results on invoices, reports, category listings, and so forth at various points in the testing. Here are my observations:

  1. An entry in Base Currency overrides an entry in Currency Prefix/Suffix.

  2. An entry in Base Currency persists and overrides Currency Prefix/Suffix, even when the module is disabled, unless the selection has been cancelled.

  3. As long as Base Currency has no selection, regardless of whether that module is enabled or disabled, an entry in Currency Prefix/Suffix appears.

  4. Selections in Base Currency appear on invoices, receipts, bank transactions, and in category listings, but not in reports. That is, they seem to appear on everything except where you would expect information to be in the designated base currency for the business.

  5. Selections in Currency Prefix/Suffix, when they show, appear only on invoices, bank transactions, and similar external records. They do not appear on anything internal. Obviously, when operating in only one currency, the symbol only adds clutter.

In summary, a user operating in only one currency can once again have currency symbols show where they would typically be expected–on customer and bank transactions–but not show in journal entries, reports, etc.

I hope this helps. If you have more specific questions, I’d be glad to try things out. Thanks for your efforts.