Currency Symbol position

I neet my currency symbol (GHS) to come before the amount (GHS 2000) . But it always put it at the end of the figure. I have used the SETTINGS to do but it remains. Please I need to change location of the symbol to comply with local accounting laws.

If multi-currency is enabled, the option to set currency prefix/suffix is ignored.

If you don’t need multi-currency, just disable it by setting base currency to nothing. Then on invoices, you will see your predefined currency prefix/suffix.

Well I am not really clear Lubos, what I mean is the currency symbol on invoices must come before the figure…not after eg £2000 not 2000£

Go to Settings, then click Customize button and check Currency Prefix / Suffix. Click Update to save.

Now when you click on Currency Prefix / Suffix in Settings tab, you will be able to enter “GHS” to the left side of the amount. Click Update button.

GHS should then be before amount on invoices.

I will try that Thanks

Would it be possible to use the prefix/suffix option on the local currency even if multi-currency is enabled? We have the situation where the system prints eg. 1000 NAD (local currency) where we actually would like to have N$1000 printed on the invoice.

Would be great if this feature could be implemented, otherwise the program just keeps getting better and better. Love the software!

Check the latest version (14.9.8) which contains in-built symbol N$.

Great! Thanx

Would appreciate if you can share the solution for this.


Share what solution.
If you want the currency symbol to appear go to Setting - Base Currency and make your selection.