Currency (Dollar Sign) and Default Text AWOL in Sales Invoices

In the last week or so ‘things’ have changed in Manager regarding presentation of our Sales Invoices. We had default text for unpaid tax invoices thanking customers for their orders etc, plus advice on how to pay into our account. That text is now missing. We have two companies set up - missing on both of them.

Other issue, still with sales invoices - the $ dollar sign has also disappeared.

I assume there has been an upgrade which removed these (Cloud version, so always the current version). Any advice on how to get these features back? I did look at guides, but not clear to me. Anyway, I am assuming this is a glitch that will be fixed somehow.

It seems like you’ve been using some really old features which have been depreciated long time ago.

To make invoices show dollar sign, go to Settings, then Base Currency.

As for information how to pay at the end of invoice, you should put that information into Notes field or create custom field where this information can be put in.

I didn’t realise that. I guess I was just comfortable with existing functionality. Thanks for the help.

I will see how I go.

By the way - very neat idea to allow custom fields - this obviously makes the package very customisable.